All hands on deck – working with assistants and second shooters. Featured

Directing procedingsThere comes a time in the life of a photographer when a specific tipping point / tension presents itself; too much to do and not enough time, energy to do it. Now dont get my wrong here – this is a great place for your one-man-band business to be, but staying there can, and almost surely will lead to burnout, nervous breakdown or just generally volatile bad tempers. Even considering trusting another person and potential future competitor in the same market can be a daunting path scattered with legal,  relational, and professional land mines.

Having said that, there are a number of ridiculously amazing and successful photographers that make it work on their own and equally, those that aquire extra guys on the team – so which way do you go… The A-Team or The Lone Ranger? In this post I will try and highlight a couple of key factors to take into consideration then working in team, as equal partners or as photographer-assistant. The point is this as the afrikaans saying goes: “Vele hande maak lig die werk” (many hands make the burden of the work light). This does bring about a number of challenges – things i wish someone else had told me about, but i suppose thats part of learning what it means to be a photographer. Read more

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Mini Cooper JCW

Spied: Peugeot 2008

Ok so I was out shooting a Mercedes SL500 with Ray, Carry from SAcarFan and Matteo two days ago and as we drove around town, we happened to notice yet another production crew, yet another set of traffic officers with their lumo vests and orange cones blocking off a piece of road that would have been nice to shoot on and then immediately after that we notice why – someone else had the same idea and beat us to it! As a consolation, we got some glimpses of the brand new Peugeot 2008 that was doing all sorts of posing. It is only set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, so this is a special little treat to show you the first in the metal shots of this interesting and fun looking car.

I was immediately attracted to the car and the bubbled roofline. The roof rack lines together with the lines of the headlamps and tail light really hold the design of the car together in a pleasing and promising form that look seager, and purposeful, without looking thirsty for fuel. I’m quite keen so see what the 2008 will be like to drive and how much off-the-street driving it will be willing to do. If looks are anything to go by, then its one is something to look forward to.

This crossover is another exciting offering somewhere between an SUV and a regular hatchback. There seem to be a growing trend in these types of vehicles. In my opinion, I think its because people want the slightly higher ride hight and bend-over-to-get-the-kids-strapped-in height, without the fuel bill or price tag of a BMW X5.

For more great insights, specs and just a good read, go check out Ray’s article at SAcarFan.

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VW Scirocco TSI


Audi R8

VW R & R

Tip: Sorting

Anyone ever had a moment where you realise that shooting digital is costing you more time? That whole idea that you can just delete the shots you dont like and live photographically ever after with only masterpieces in your collection?
I’ll tell you, that’s a pretty picture, but i have found that because of that mindset, I tended to shoot so many shots on any particular shoot that it might look like I had a spastic index finger. looking through the shots quickly results in a little stop motion video clip… that when you should know you shoot to many shots, possibly in the hope that one of those is the right one.

Now when you shoot any particular thing more than once, the first shot might be to quickly evaluate the composition and exposure, make adjustments and do a final shot – this seems to be the way we all shot film – possibly only one shot even. Alternatively with digital, shoot a hellavalot with a number of

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Pricing and copyright

howdee! i thought is time to post this as i got freshly reminded of all the things i didnt know a couple of years ago.

ok so you guys are getting into the commercial side of photography. i think it is much needed practice to charge according to your skill level, but also not give you work (and intellectual property) away for peanuts.
check out the sites after the jump to help you establish your rate, capture fee, editing rate, etc.

there is also some good info on copyright. this is important! in SA the copyright defaults to the commissioner (its the only place in the world that does it… and we are fighting hard to mend that) so be SURE to make the client sign that they understand that the copyright and ownership belongs to you the photographer, and that they are licensed to use the image(s) within certain boundaries negotiated by you and the client. Read more

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